Current research topics are being conducted
1. Trypanosoma evansi in Thailand
2. Sand fly and Leishmaniasis in Thailand
3. Vector-borne diseases in stray dogs and cats
4. Development of tick vaccination

1. Molecular Identification of Cryptosporidium Species from Pet Snakes in Thailand.
2. Antibody-ELISA for Trypanosoma evansi: Application in a serological survey of dairy cattle, Thailand, and validation of a locally produced antigen
3. Evaluation of an Indirect-ELISA Test for Trypanosoma evansi Infection (Surra) in Buffaloes and Its Application to a Serological Survey in Thailand
4. Seroprevalence of Babesia caballi and Theileria equi in horses and mules from Northern Thailand
5. Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with exposure of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) to Neospora caninum in northeast Thailand